Tom Crowley

Tom is an economist, formerly at Treasury and now at the Grattan Institute. This blog is completely unrelated to either of those things. It’s about footy. Obviously.

Tom has always had a fierce love of the game, but all attempts to actually play it have been an unmitigated disaster. His junior football career spanned nearly 100 games in the forward pocket and yielded one goal. It was an accident. He’d like to pretend that’s because he was a pressure forward, but we all know he wasn’t.

Instead, Tom has gotten into footy stats, from poring over yearbooks as a kid, to collecting stats on the boundary line for his high school footy team, to a moderately successful but unfulfilling stint as a Supercoach player. In a probably inevitable progression, he’s now started this blog, where he’s going to try to tell interesting footy stories with neat data. He hopes you enjoy it.

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